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“How To Increase Patient Outcomes and Cash Flow with Non-Thermal, High Energy, Visible Wavelength Lasers”

Course Date

Start: 26th March 2023 @ 09:30am
End: 26th March 2023 @ 17:30pm

Course Location

The Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre
Bath Road (Building A) West Drayton , London Heathrow , Middlesex , England


Course Description

Many doctors are confused about lasers and there is a lot of misinformation that makes it even more confusing. Is there a difference between red light LEDs and lasers? What about high power vs low power? Infrared vs red? Does it even matter if the laser is violet, or red, or infrared, or can I use any of them and get the same results? How hard is this to implement and to get patients to understand what you are doing with “just a light”? Is this just a new fad or has it been around for a long time with high quality research to support it? Will people actually pay for laser?

This seminar will answer all those questions and will show the research that started in the 1960s with the Russians who pioneered laser therapy, up to the most recent high quality, placebo controlled studies that clearly show not just the short term effects of lasers but also the long term, and the difference in outcomes with specific non thermal lasers vs red light LEDs. You will also learn about the wavelength specific reactions that can only be done with a violet laser, and which ones can only be done with a red laser, due to the specific energy of each photon at that specific wavelength. These reactions cannot be done with other wavelengths just by increasing the “power” or wattage because the electron volts are too low in infrared.

The main goal is for you to not only understand what lasers are doing beyond just relieving pain, but to also have skills that you can implement on Monday morning at the office to help your patients.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How lasers are not “experimental and new”, but supported by decades of research for multiple conditions.
  • What is the difference between high and low power lasers and the limitations and benefits of each.
  • How different wavelengths produce specific effects that cannot be produced with other wavelengths.
  • What is more important? Depth of penetration or signaling cascade and electron transport and why?
  • How adding lasers can help you differentiate yourself from the other doctors around you, which helps you have better tools to succeed in the face of greater competition.
  • Step by step, hands on laser techniques to quickly and easily RE-CALIBRATE the nervous system to create an instant change in function.
  • Instrument adjusting techniques to combine with your laser techniques for an even greater effect.
  • In each section, doctors will be walked through actual case studies for each injury/condition. These case studies will incorporate lasers, labs, and nutrition, along with percussor and adjustor techniques.


About Dr Kirk Gair

Dr Kirk Gair has been in private practice since 1999 and began using Erchonia’s low level lasers in 2004. He has worked with elite athletes of all levels and is an expert in laser methods ranging from simple point and shoot protocols to advanced neuro re-calibration protocols. The effectiveness of these methods has turned his office into a wait list, 100% referral practice, and has brought in some top tier athletes from across the US from professional, college, and elite travel teams.

Since 2017 he has taught doctors across the USA, Europe, and Latin America (in Spanish) these laser methods both live and via webinars and livestreams. He has had research on laser therapy published in journals, and been the principal investigator in clinical trials on a new type of laser, and those trials led to an FDA clearance for this device.

In addition to treating top level athletes, he has also completed additional training in functional medicine and functional neurology under the guidance of internationally acclaimed Dr. Datis Kharrazian, and has patients come from all over the world for help, including Canada, Hong Kong, France, and Denmark for his expertise. Dr Kharrazian had Dr Gair introduce the concept of laser therapy for neurodegenerative conditions and TBI at the International Association for Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation annual conference in 2017.




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Kate Murray

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