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How to fix leaky gut and inflammation

Course Date

Start: 5th March 2022
End: 9th March 2024

Course Location

online, The Netherlands

Course Description

Module description How to fix leaky gut and inflammation

Course presenters:

J. J. J. Postma

  • Jeroen Postma, owner of Chiropractie Leiden
  • Board certified chiropractic neurologist (DACNB)
  • Part-time neurology professor BCC (Barcelona College of Chiropractic)
  • Co-founder and head lecturer of post-graduate education platform Brain & Neuroplasticity

Reineke Koldewijn-Erdbrink

  • Reineke Koldewijn-Erdbrink, owner of Simply the Right Food
  • Registered dietician (RD) with a naturopathic approach and orthomolecular (gut flora) therapist.
  • Specialties: gut flora remodeling, hunter-gatherer diet, food intolerances, expert on the topic of ‘anti-inflammatory foods’
  • Proud to be part of Chiropractie Leiden

Covered Topics

  • Brain-Gut axis
  • Techniques for vagal stimulation
  • Symptoms and causes of leaky gut
  • How to fix leaky gut
  • Anti-inflammatory foods
  • Foods that support organ function
  • Components of autonomic nervous system
  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Neurologic regulation of vagal tone

Credits for continued education

  • 2 credits CPD upon completion of post-webinar quiz (passing rate of 85% or higher)


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Jeroen Postma

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