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How chiropractic adjustments affect the nervous system

Course Date

Start: 16th November 2020
End: 30th November 2020

Course Location

anywhere, The Netherlands

Course Description

How chiropractic adjustments affect the nervous system

The chiropractic adjustment is the claim to fame for the profession.  Whereas in the past, it was speculated as to how the adjustment affects the nervous system- now these mechanisms are better understood.  In this on-line video lecture J.J.J. Postma DC DACNB explains the functional neurological influences by analysing anatomical, physiological, and clinical features of the nerve supply of the joint mechanics in various parts of the body. This module is a real eye opener for the chiropractor who wants to clearly explain how chiropractic effects the nervous system.

Among topics covered are:

  • Function of the articular receptor systems
  • Arthro-kinetic reflexes
  • Coupled spinal motion and manipulation
  • Mechanoreceptor effects on muscle tone
  • Descending inhibitory controls and the modulatory effects at the spinal cord
  • Adjusting techniques
  • Latest scientific research on manipulation


This lecture (and a 15 question hot potato quiz) take approximately 1 hour to complete.



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Jeroen Postma

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