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Headaches: Fine Tuning Your Approach

Course Date

Start: 9th November 2019 @ 09:00am
End: 9th November 2019 @ 18:00pm

Course Location

Golden Tulip Leiden Centre
Schipholweg 3, Leiden, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands

2316 XB

Course Description

In this module we will elaborate on the functional neurological triggers involved in headaches.  Most of the time, these involve imbalance of brain stem centers of the vestibular system, which lead to neurovascular consequences and autonomic imbalance.  In this session we will therefore review various regions in the brain stem, vestibular system, cerebrum, and cerebellum and show how the neurologic integration is linked. In the practical aspect we will cover diagnostic testing to discover any imbalance in the system, and present various ways in which these may be resolved using a variety of functional neurologic applications. Amongst topics covered:

·       Head and face pain-understanding cortical integration and descending inhibition

·       Central sensitization

·       Migraine, tension, and other types of headaches/classifications

·       Diagnostic testing, cranial nerve screening

·       Testing autonomic concomitants

·       Treatment strategies


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Jeroen Postma

Course Contact Email