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Gait Analysis

Course Date

Start: 29th April 2017 @ 09:00am
End: 30th April 2017 @ 17:00pm

Course Location

Anglo European College of Chiropractic
13-15 Parkwood Road, Bournemouth


Course Description

During this 12-hour course (including 8 hours of practical) the clinician will learn:

  • Gait analysis (particularly the lower extremity)

  • Functional tests that pertain to faulty gait mechanics

  • Assessment and treatment for eversion and inversion of the rear-foot

  • Assessment and treatment for dorsi-flexion of the ankle

  • How the knee is “caught in the middle” and where to direct treatment

  • Assessment and treatment for poor hip mobility

  • Pedograph analysis

  • Criteria for using an orthotic (when and where)

  • How to correlate structural pathology with functional deficits

Gait Analysis flyer 29-30 April 2017


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Carleen Coombes

Course Contact Email