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Functional Neurology fundamentals: practical approach

Course Date

Start: 3rd April 2022 @ 08:00am
End: 3rd April 2022 @ 10:30am

Course Location

Grand Hotel Oriente
Via Armando Diaz, 44,, Napoli, Italy


Course Description

Dr Luca Vannetiello Medical doctor (ITA, 2000) and chiropractor (USA, 2003), Dr Vannetiello has worked for the last 15+ years in his hometown Nola (Naples). He is studying Functional Neurology at the Carrick Institute. Dr Vannetiello regularly deals with developmental issues, in his role as Medical Doctor, including autism spectrum conditions. In 2017 he published a case report of a recovered child.

Sunday, April 3rd :

8:00-10:30  Functional Neurology Fundamentals (Dr. Vannetiello)

In this short introductory workshop you will learn the basic concepts of functional neurology, a basic understanding of how the brain works and see some of the ways functional neurology can help you in your practice from the first visit. It’ll serve you for patients with very common complaint to increase exponentially the benefits of your adjustments. It will start off with basic principles, then there’ll be the clinical application and finally the treatment.

It’s going to be a very practical workshop, You’ll be able to apply this knowledge as of Monday morning in your practice.

Learning objectives:

–      How to perform a proper Neurological examination

o   How to understand the functions of the brain through assessing the movements of the eyes, coordination, sensitivity, balance, reflexes and much more

o   Determine which area of the nervous system needs more stimuli and of what kind.

–      How to apply the results of the examination to the treatment and the patient management

o   The outcome of the assessment as a guide towards the most effective treatment possible

In this workshop the following topics will be covered:

– Basic concepts of functional neurology to understand how the brain works and its importance in clinical applications: activation/inhibition, habituation, retained original innervation, central metabolic state,
– Lobes of the brain with the functions that they control
– Eye movements assessments and clinical meanings, vestibulo-ocular reflex and its meaning in general patient assessment.
– How to incorporate this neurological assessment in a regular chiropractic examination.

The entire discourse will embrace key aspects of individual brain health that includes balance, coordination, cognition, muscle tone, and stability control.


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Associazione Italiana Chiropratici

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