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Course Date

Start: 28th August 2022 @ 11:30am
End: 28th May 2022 @ 17:45pm

Course Location

H10 Hotels,
Via Laietana, 69, BARCELONA, Spain


Course Description

WITH GREAT SADNESS, we have cancelled this Masterclass due to the low registrations.  We hope to be able to continue to bring members access to quality speakers via the online Masterclasses and live seminars where possible. 

BELOW IS THE PROGRAMME OUTLINE. FICS will aim to turn each of these sessions into an online masterclass for our members. 

Dr John Wilhelm – Sports Chiropractic For Elite and Olympic Athletes
In this lecture world-renowned sports chiropractor and two-time Olympic sports chiropractic provider, Dr Jonathan Wilhelm defines “What is sports chiropractic?” and identifies the education and steps necessary to certify and work as a sports chiropractor.  But in this lecture Dr. Wilhelm provides far more than just a layout of definitions and educational paths, he takes you behind the curtain to offer his hard-earned insights and keys to working with elite and Olympic athletes.  You will learn the skills that a sports chiropractor should understand and those skills they MUST possess to work with elite athlete populations.  We will investigate what Dr Wilhelm thinks is the TOP SKILL every sports chiropractor must hone and possess to work at the highest levels.  He even provides his personal pathway from small town chiropractor to Olympic sports medicine provider in 5 years and 25 steps.  Dr. Wilhelm has built a reputation for his exceptional work and fostering connections with elite athletes, teams, and federations from many countries around the globe, and at the end of his lecture, you will be able to examine his 9 “Golden Nuggets” of sports chiropractic success.

Objectives: At the conclusion of this lecture, participants should be able:

  1. Discuss the definition of sports chiropractic specialization
  2. Describe the pathways to national and international sports chiropractic certification
  3. Analyze the steps necessary to work with elite athlete populations
  4. Examine the Do’s and Don’ts of a successful international sports chiropractic provider

Dr Christine Foss (2 Hours) – Human in Motion: Dissecting Sports injuries of the Lower Limb
This session will look at the lower limb and its unique role in force transmission and production and how this kinetic chain can promote the optimal performance or exists as a predisposition to injury.  Dive into the dissection of the top sports injuries of the lower limb and understand how to unpeel the causative factors that make-or-break athletic performance.  As the course progresses, assessment skills of lower limb injuries will be demonstrated. Finally, rehabilitation regimes for unpeeling the kinetic chain and returning an athlete to sport and ready for optimal performance will be reviewed.

  1. The learner will gain knowledge of the kinetic chain of the lower extremity and its contributing factors to force transmission and production in sport.
  2. The learner will understand the mechanisms of injury that predispose an athlete to the top sports injuries of the lower limb.
  3. The learner will gain skills in assessment techniques of the lower limb
  4. The learner will gain an understanding of the steps in the rehabilitation of an athlete post-injury of the lower limb.

Dr Shane Lawlor (2 hours) – The Golfer’s Back: From Pain to Performance – This is already a Masterclass in our SHOP, which you can sign up for today and start learning. 
Dive into the assessment tools and injury predispositions of the golfer. This course will review treatment approaches for golf-related back pain as well as rehabilitation tools for those golf-related injuries of the lumbar spine. The course will encompass a theory section as well as hands-on learning to facilitate practical applications in treating those golfers in your practice. Dr Lawlor has spent many years travelling and treating high-level golfers. His experience and dedication to this athlete are invaluable resources.

  1. Assessment tools for the golfer with back pain
  2. Treatment approaches for golf-related back pain
  3. Improving your rehabilitation of the golfer with back pain

Dr John Wilhelm – Full Bio and Abstract
Dr Christine Foss – Full bio and abstract:
Dr Shane Lawlor – Full bio and abstract:


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