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ECU Lockdown Series: How Big Data is Transforming Chiropractic?

Course Date

Start: 26th June 2021
End: 7th May 2022

Course Location

Online, England

Course Description

This module presented by Dr Greg Kawchuk highlights the growing role of big data in healthcare, and how this impacts on chiropractic. The concept of spinal stiffness is discussed and how applying technological advances such as incorporating big data can assist practitioners improve what they do.

On completion of the module, you will be able to:

1) Understand the influence of big data on chiropractic.

2.) Understand concepts such as spinal stiffness and the application of technology to patient care.

3.) Understand the potential use of big data to assist improve patient outcomes


For further details, please see the GEN-C website:



Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Jacqui Rix

Course Contact Email