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ECU 2020 Convention Utrecht

Course Date

Start: 22nd May 2020 @ 08:30am
End: 24th May 2020 @ 13:30pm

Course Location

Jaarbeursplein, Utrecht
Truus van Lierlaan 1, Utrecht, The Netherlands

3527 KZ

Course Description

The ECU Convention 2020 is returning to the Netherlands, in collaboration with the Netherlands Chiropractic Association, in a stunning 21st-century venue in the charming town of Utrecht.

Like Amsterdam, Utrecht has canals, it has cosy outdoor living and it has bicycles, thousands of them. It is also well on the way to being a green environment with a thriving Science Park and medical institutes.

The largest European meeting of evidence-based chiropractors, the theme of the 2020 ECU convention is A Perfect Vision for Chiropractic.

It has a varied academic programme with a high quality pool of speakers.



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Course Contact Name

Paul Roberts

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