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The Eagle-Eye Approach – Module 1. A common sense approach to improve health with Chiropractic.

Course Date

Start: 19th January 2019 @ 09:00am
End: 20th January 2019 @ 14:00pm

Course Location

Madrid College of Chiropractic
Paseo de los Alamillos 2, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain


Course Description

Course Description – Module 1

This intensive two-day seminar is the 1st of two modules, and it covers the essential basic steps to evaluate the overall function of the body of a patient. Particular attention is paid to the performance of the Nervous System and being able to determine the appropriate specific chiropractic and soft tissue adjustments.

We can take a picture of a car; we can analyze its fumes; we can see how it looks overall, but only if we drive it will we be able to know how fast it goes and how it performs! This is one of the main concepts that will be covered. A simple and thorough examination will be taught, which will clearly reveal the functional level of the patient and the appropriate corrections.

The course will reveal how to make specific adjustments based on the patient’s responses. Using functional analysis it will be shown how to monitor their progression and how certain routines of everyday living can affect body performance.

Also it will be presented and taught ITR (Instantaneous Tension Release), a very effective soft tissue technique, developed by Gianluca Rossetti. The “soft tissue adjustment” as he calls it.

The seminar will cover:

  • History taking and important relevant key questions for pointing out dysfunctional priorities.
  • A functional analysis of X-Rays and MRI.
  • Why certain people do not respond to Chiropractic care?
  • Functional Muscle Testing. It will be covered the principles of muscle testing and how to apply progressive challenges to the muscles, by increasing the difficulty of the test for being able to evaluate even the more hidden dysfunctions, which are often overlooked.
  • What to do before any adjustment and how to reveal and deal with certain structural dysfunctions which are not always considered.
  • Assessment of dysfunctions caused by trauma, injuries, scars and other abnormal soft tissue tensions, and how they contribute to spinal dysfunction.
  • Learn Instantaneous Tension Release (the “Soft Tissue Adjustment”).
  • Let’s see everything into action with some real patients.


Cost:                             Early Bird             After 18/11/17

DCs                                    € 397                       € 450

1st year Grads                 € 297                       € 350

Students                           € 150                       € 180




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Course Contact Name

Gianluca Rossetti

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