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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation Course B

Course Date

Start: 2nd November 2018 @ 09:00am
End: 4th November 2018 @ 15:00pm

Course Location

AECC University College
Parkwood Campus, Parkwood Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, England


Course Description

Course Objectives


  • Demonstrate an understanding of developmental kinesiology and its relationship with pathology of the locomotor system: review theory covered in the A course and introduce more advanced theory, namely the verticalization process


  •  Describe the basis for primitive reflexes and postural reactions and their roles in developmental kinesiology


  • Introduce basic information about reflex locomotion according to Vojta


  • Perform demonstration of assessments of babies:  attendees will be able to recognize ideal and disturbed locomotor patterns and determine developmental age of the babies


  • Demonstrate and teach proper handling of infants


  • Demonstration application of DNS assessment and treatment in adult patients with pain and dysfunction within the locomotor system – stabilization assessment and treatment strategy


  • Postural analysis & testing of integrated spinal stabilization system – review of Course A tests and introduction to additional, advanced tests


  • Integration of corrective exercises based on newly taught DNS functional tests


  • Exercise in differentiated ipsilateral and contralateral static positions, position transfer during locomotor function, exercise progression using unstable surface, resistance against “planned movement”, dual tasking and other challenges both in ipsi and contralateral patterns, transition between ipsilateral and contralateral patterns, training of isolated segmental movement


  • Introduction to cortical functioning – body scheme, quality of relaxation, isolated segmental movements


  • Provide more complex clinical management explanation for clinicians to better integrate more advanced DNS protocols into clinical practice


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Carleen Coombes

Course Contact Email