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Dry Needling for the experienced practitioner

Course Date

Start: 30th April 2022 @ 09:00am
End: 1st May 2022 @ 15:30pm

Course Location

'Din kiropraktor' Chiropractic clinic
Storgatan 31, Falkenberg, Sweden, Sweden

Course Description

Course presenter- Corrie Myburgh

Corrie is a chiropractor who holds a PhD in Social Science Research Methods and a master’s degree in Medical Education. His research and practice focus areas include myofascial pain management, patient recovery, qualitative research methods, interprofessional education and interprofessional practice. Corrie has authored and co-authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications. He works as clinician as well as holding an associate professorship position with the university of Southern Denmark and senior researcher position at the Chiropractic Knowledge Hub.

Course background and aim

Dry needling (DN) continues to develop as an important intervention in the management of painful soft tissue disorders. No less that 15 systematic reviews now describe and evaluate the effectiveness of dry needling for both symptoms and across body regions. Moreover, technology is driving the development of customised needles and best practice guidelines are under development. These can all be overwhelming for the busy practitioner to absorb and incorporate into daily practice. This seminar will build on the foundational knowledge of clinicians who are already familiar with DN in order to increase the level of sophistication of DN intervention delivery as well as providing tutelage in DN less commonly delivered.

Learning goals

  • Provide an update on current thoughts around Myofascial Pain Syndromes
  • Provide an update on the status quo and issues around DN interventions
  • Break down the components of dry needling that are important to consider for the clinician.
  • Develop the psychomotor skills competency of practitioners in performing DN interventions on muscles in different regions of the body.
  • Consider patient management strategies to optimise the effectiveness of DN interventions.

Activity flow

Part 1 9-10:20 Introduction, DN technique, Head



Part 2 10:30-12:00 Neck & Back



Part 3 13:00-14:20 Chest & Abdomen



Part 4 14:30-16:00 Chest & Abdomen cont., Pelvis
End of day 1
Part 5 9-10:20 Upper extremities



Part 6 10:30-12:00 Lower extremities



Part 7 13:00-14:20 Special areas



Part 8 14:30-16:00 Clinical considerations


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Anna Öhman Karlsson

Course Contact Email

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