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Chiropractic Case Management of the Dizziness Patient

Course Date

Start: 2nd March 2023
End: 2nd March 2026

Course Location

Dizziness Care Continuing Education
Online, United States of America

Course Description

Chiropractic Case Management of the Dizziness Patient is a 12 hour program that follows a “ground-up” approach. We start with etiology and impact, work through anatomy and physiology, talk through an interactive pathophysiology (not just disease naming…but actually understanding what can go wrong), then diagnostic criteria will be presented. We move into treatment guidelines and formulate a comprehensive thought process so you can treat the patient in front of you, not just memorize guidelines. We finish with interactive real world case studies.

Presenter: Dr. Tyler Steward
Doctor of Chiropractic, post graduate training in vestibular rehab

This is an online, on-demand, self paced course.  View the course here –

Recommended textbooks to supplement this course would be:
The Vestibular System: A Sixth Sense
Vestibular Rehabilitation: 3rd Ed.
The Handbook of Clinical Neurology: Neuro-otology
Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Dr. Tyler Steward

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