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Chiropractic assessment and treatment of the pregnant patient

Course Date

Start: 9th December 2018 @ 08:00am
End: 9th December 2018 @ 18:00pm

Course Location

Elder Chiropractic Clinic
180 Bencoolen Street, Singapore, Singapore


Course Description

This lecture is intended to provide a better understanding of the changes happening  during pregnancy and infor delivery. This includes the musculoskeletal system,  nutritional requirements, and most importantly recognizing more serious problems associated with being pregnant. We will practice techniques appropriate for the pregnant patient, review risk factors and even look at techniques to provide optimal positioning for the fetus.

Responsible care for the pregnant patient includes:

  • taking a relevant case history
  • having an understanding of pregnancy and the birth process
  • understanding the risks for complications
  • how pregnancy relates to the presenting complaint
  • awareness of the fetal lie
  • safe Chiropractic techniques for the pregnant patient

The areas explored in depth include:

  • low back pain
  • pelvic girdle pain
  • nutrition during pregnancy and epigenetics
  • Chiropractic techniques for the pregnant patient

Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Sue A. Weber

Course Contact Email