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Chiropractic and the Immune System

Course Date

Start: 16th October 2020
End: 31st December 2020

Course Location

Parker University
2540 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, TX, United States of America


Course Description

Claims that chiropractic adjustments influence immune system function have received newfound scrutiny in light of the COVID-19 epidemic. Politics and philosophy aside, what does the research actually tell us about the chiropractic adjustment and immunity? This course is a no-spin, no-nonsense look at what is known about this topic, and what questions we need to ask ourselves as a professional community to responsibly contribute to this conversation

During this course, you will:
1. Critique historical anecdotal evidence about chiropractic’s impact on immunity.
2. Examine the current state of the evidence regarding the impact of spinal manipulation on the immune system.
3. Examine gaps in knowledge relative to chiropractic and immunity, and future directions for a research agenda.
4. Discuss evidence based clinical recommendations chiropractors should make regarding immune system function.

Speaker: Michele Maiers, DC


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Course Contact Name

William Smith

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