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Barcelona College of Chiropractic presents: the Bermuda Chiropractic Association Radiology Review

Course Date

Start: 24th May 2020
End: 31st May 2020

Course Location

zoom webinar
n/a, Canada

Course Description

Presented by: Dr. Marshall Deltoff, DC, DACBR, FCCR(C), professor of radiology, Barcelona College of Chiropractic.

This 4 hour presentation, offered in two 2-hour segments on 24 May 2020 (8am -10am) and 31 May 2020 (8am – 10am) Bermuda Time. The seminar is intended to review important, clinically relevant radiology topics for the practising chiropractor. A wide variety of conditions and pathologies will be presented, representing common and rare presentations. Emphasis will be on assessment of the spine, such as scoliosis and stenosis.

The purpose of this seminar is to help doctors become more comfortable in a logical approach to x-ray diagnosis, and to know when referral to a radiologist or other medical professional is recommended.


hour 1:  a logical approach to x-ray diagnosis

hour 2: variety of case reports presented in audience-participation rounds format

hour 3: classification and radiographic assessment of spinal stenosis with emphasis on advanced imaging

hour 4: classification, radiographic assessment and treatment options in scoliosis management

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dr. marshall deltoff

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