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Active Release Techniques®, Lower Extremity Level 1 – Milan

Course Date

Start: 11th February 2022 @ 07:30am
End: 13th February 2022 @ 12:00pm

Course Location

Busto E20
Viale Rimembranze 1, Busto Arsizio, VA, Italy


Course Description

Active Release Techniques® Lower Extremity Level 1 is designed to provide instruction in anatomy, palpation, and treatment of soft-tissue disorders and associated articulations. The course includes 62 treatment protocols. No prerequisites are required.

Attendees learn how to identify and effectively treat common issues that involve the lower extremity such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, compartment syndromes, patellofemoral pain, iliotibial band syndrome, piriformis syndrome and many more. ART® treatment utilizes manual techniques to move tissues and joints while under tension. The system allows for relative motion between the tissues and articulations.

The course emphasizes the manipulation of the neuromusculoskeletal system to diagnose and correct alterations in tissue texture, tension, movement, and function between tissues. All treatments protocols are designed to correct tissue alterations, assist the provider with articular adjustments, and ultimately shorten treatment regimens required to resolve a case. Evaluation and treatment occur simultaneously.

Learning Objectives:

  1. By the end of the seminar, the provider will be able to effectively palpate and treat 62 soft-tissue disorders and associated articulations using appropriate tension, depth, and motion to properly perform the treatment process.
  2. By the end of the seminar, the provider will be able to correctly move the muscle from its shortened position to elongated position.
  3. By the end of the seminar, the provider can successfully assess the soft tissue structures and differentiate between healthy and unhealthy tissue utilizing hands-on palpation techniques.


Friday, 11 February: 7:30am–6:00pm

Saturday, 12 February: 8:00am–6:00pm

Sunday, 13 February: 7:30am–noon*

*Individual testing occurs in 20-minute increments between 7:30am and 12:00pm (please plan travel accordingly).


  • 80% hands-on, 20% lecture
  • Casual and comfortable attire
  • Please bring your portable chiropractic or massage table for a chance to win a raffle for a $300 course credit!
  • Lunch break is approximately one hour, near noon (at instructor discretion), and you will have two 15-minute breaks at approximately 10:00 and 15:00 (snacks will be provided).


Course Credits


Course Contact Name

Jim Macrae

Course Contact Email

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