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Active Release Techniques, Long Tract Nerve Entrapment course

Course Date

Start: 20th May 2017 @ 10:00am
End: 20th May 2017 @ 18:00pm

Course Location

BustoChiropratica & Active Release Techniques
Viale Duca D’Aosta 16, Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy, Italy


Course Description

Learn how to successfully treat peripheral nerve conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica.
This is an entirely new system that actually moves the nerve through the tissues proximally and distally to the maximum extent possible by moving every joint and body part that the nerve crosses. All long tract nerve entrapment sites are covered in this course.

Registration for this course includes a 61 page study manual and 1 instructional DVD.

NB: You must have taken the ART Upper and Lower Extremity before taking this course.

A strong understanding of human anatomy and physiology is vital when learning and practicing ART®. It is strongly recommended that providers take time prior to the courses to study their materials and watch the DVD(s) in order to be prepared for the course.
ART will definitely improve your hands-on skills. You will learn how to use the technique for evaluation and treatment purposes. ART is an advanced post-education system that requires a strong understanding of human anatomy.
It is very important that participants are well-prepared before the course starts. Please review basic anatomy for the respective courses. This will enable you to focus more on touch, precision, movements and body positioning at the course. These elements will be your key-factors when performing Active Release Techniques at your clinic or on the sporting arena.

Follow this link for more information and registration:

ART Long Tract Nerve Entrapment, Italy 2017



Course Credits

This program is eligible for a maximum of 8 Category A hours/CEUs.

Course Contact Name

katrin van der Lagen, ART Europe

Course Contact Email

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