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a serial of 3 biomechanic seminars with dr David Leaf

Course Date

Start: 16th June 2017 @ 13:00pm
End: 18th June 2017 @ 14:00pm

Course Location

IFEC Paris
24 Boulevard Paul Vaillant Couturie, 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine

Course Description



Module 3: Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of June 2017


DURATION OF THE WHOLE SERIAL: 75 hours in 3 seminars of 25 hour each (20 hours on site and at least 5 hours of home study on documents)


LENGTH OF EACH MODULE: 25 hours including 5 hours of personal work with the files that will be sent.

SPEAKER:  Dr. David Leaf, DC, DIBAK

Dr. David Leaf is a chiropractor and has been in practice for 30 years. He has taught Applied Kinesiology for 25 years and is the current Chairman of ICAK-U.S.A. He has conducted seminars in AK throughout the world since 1977. He has treated numerous professional and Olympic athletes, including the Italian professional soccer team AC Milan as well as professional players in the NFL, NBA, NHL. He has authored numerous papers and has produced a series of educational videotapes on AK.

David Leaf is a splendid teacher with marvelous video action methods for quick study results in understanding A. K. methods. He does more in one hour than most instructors do all day long. Don’t miss David Leaf’s 30 years of experience in teaching A. K. techniques that work on the structure, which determines the function. His success in treating star athletes is outstanding.”

Georges Goodheart D.C. Founder of Applied Kinesiology


A serial of 3 seminars oriented towards biomechanics consisting of a total of 60 hours in class and 15 hours at least of home study before each session (articles and information will be send by mail prior to the seminar)

The course has been reorganized with more material and information to be reviewed before the class so that you are more able to do workshops with less lecture time and allows Dr Leaf to introduce some of the material from the orthopedic and biomechanics course that was put together.  Consequently, this class has a beginner and an advanced session.

This serial is the advanced section. However, there will be sufficient review to enable people who could not follow the basic serial to follow this session.

Module 1: October 21-23, 2016

  1. Review of proper muscle testing
  2. Review and in depth discussion of muscle treatments – where it was developed – how to know when to use – how to integrate
  3. For each spinal area the biomechanics will be discussed – treatments discussed – rehabilitation of the area – home exercises for the patients
  4. Pelvis will include coccyx and sacral problems as well as lower extremity problems related to abnormal function in the pelvis – “coxalgia” as in football injuries
  5. Lumbar spine includes facet and disc problems as well as the lower spine in sports – weight lifting as an example
  6. Thoracic spine – including rib pains and respiration – increasing and normalizing respiration
  7. Cervical spine – whiplash injuries and disc problems
  8. TMJ – examination and treatment

Module 2: January 27-29, 2017

  1. For each area the orthopedic tests will be covered as well as individual treatment for joint, skin, ligament, nerve and tendon injuries will be covered
  2. Shoulder – scapula and clavicle
  3. Elbow
  4. Wrist and hand
  5. Nerve entrapments of the upper extremity
  6. Tennis biomechanics – serve, forehand, backhand
  7. Track and field biomechanics
  8. Muscle rehabilitation – setting exercise programs
  9. Endurance sports
  10. Nutrition for different sports

Module 3: June 16-18, 2017

  1. For each area the orthopedic tests will be covered as well as individual treatment for joint, skin, ligament, nerve and tendon injuries will be covered
  2. Foot and ankle – plantar fasciitis – Achilles tendonitis – metatarsalgia  – nerve entrapments, etc.
  3. Knee examination – treatment – peroneal nerve entrapments – retropatellar pain, etc
  4. Acetabular problems
  5. Walking biomechanics
  6. Running Biomechanics – sprinting and long distance
  7. Jumping biomechanics
  8. Kicking as in soccer biomechanics
  9. Integration of lower extremity and spine – “anatomy trains”

Notes will be emailed before the class about 2 – 3 weeks prior each seminar – therefore please let us know your emails at registration

There will be study aids on CDs that will be handed out so that there will be more class time to learn and practice.

This seminar will be appropriate for both beginners and advanced participants.



Registration: Friday from 12.30am to 1.00pm

Friday:                                     1.00pm-7.00pm

Saturday:                    8.30am-1.00pm


Sunday:                       8.30pm-2pm (with half an hour break)

This seminar will be held in English

SEMINAR FEE:                650 € per module for registration until the 11th  of  May 2017

700 € per module for registration after the 11th of May 2017

A deduction of 150 € be applied to the participants who followed the whole serial of 3 modules.

The registration can be done module after module or for the 3 modules together. The price of the first 2 modules will be of 650€ for registration at least 5 weeks prior to the seminar and of 700€ if registration later than these 5 weeks. For the participants who followed the 3 modules, a reduction of 150€ will be applied at the 3rd and last module payment.

For ICAK members, a reduction of 50€ will be applied for the complete serial of the 3 modules; this reduction will be applied at the 3rd and last module payment.

Registration is completed with the reception of a fully completed registration file and payment.

Adhesion to AFEFC is necessary to follow our seminars. The fee corresponding to this adhesion will be included to your seminar payment without modifying the amount of this seminar.

Attention :            – the seminar is limited to 60 participants

                               – IFEC has the right to modify or cancel a seminar within 5 weeks notice.


Payment :

  • by Bank transfer on the following account: Société Générale , Ivry sur Seine

                    Bank :  30003                Agency :  03760           Account number:  00050626774 Key :  50

IBAN : FR76 3000 3037 6000 0506 2677 450             BIC-ADRESSE SWIFT :  SOGEFRPP

  • or by par credit card on line on IFEC website , tab Formation Continue on the top right side of the welcome page.

IFEC CPD activity declaration is registered as number 11940536894 with the Préfet of Ile de France area.


Reimbursement conditions:

An official written cancellation of registration sent 5 weeks prior to the seminar will allow a reimbursement of 75% of the seminar price.

An official written cancellation of registration sent less than 5 weeks prior to the seminar will allow a reimbursement of 50% of the seminar price.


IFEC Continuing Education (3rd floor)                                            ( : +331 45 15 89 16

24, boulevard Paul Vaillant-Couturier                                           Fax : +331 45 15 89 11

94200  IVRY-SUR-SEINE                                      e-mail ;


Course Contact Name

Francine Galliath-Hartmann or Sabrina Mougeot

Course Contact Email

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