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A Functional Approach to Human Performance

Course Date

Start: 6th May 2017 @ 09:00am
End: 7th May 2017 @ 18:00pm

Course Location

Anglo European College of Chiropractic
13-15 Parkwood Road, Bournemouth


Course Description

The seminar focuses on Functional Assessment of the human body using the approaches of Yanda, Gray Cook, Anatomy Trains, Shirley Sahrmann, and many others and then showing how to connect and correct the dysfunction with various techniques. We also focus on performance and how to build a better athlete from the ground up, with special attention to foot function and how it affects the Kinetic chain and integrates the upper and lower body.
This is a very hands-on seminar with minimal seat time. 


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Course Contact Name

Carleen Coombes

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