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09/12/2023 7 – 9 PM CT Geriatrics 305: Introduction To Aging

Course Date

Start: 12th September 2023
End: 12th September 2023

Course Location

Online/On demand
805 Austin Acres, Sulphur Springs, TX, United States of America


Course Description

CCEDSeminars Has Awesome Chiropractic Geriatrics Courses!CCED

Topic: Geriatrics 305: Introduction to Aging

Credit Hours: 2

Dr. Howard Benedikt, DCBCN

Dr. Howard Benedikt, DC, DCBCN

Instructor: Dr. Howard Benedikt, DC, DCBCN

Aging is associated with multiple changes to all systems of the body. These include declined secretion of hormones, alterations in the immune system that shift towards the pro-inflammatory side, changes in cell signaling, chromosomal changes and alterations in the body’s ability to rid the body of dead cells just to name a few.

There has always been an interest in finding the “fountain of youth”, the magic pill that unlocks the secrets to prevent aging or whatever claims exist at the time to make you look younger. However, aging is part of the human life cycle and certainly understanding the causes of aging and what lifestyle modifications can be made are ongoing.

In this Chiropractic CEU Online course we will address some of the theories of aging and how they impact various systems of the body.

Hour 1

Review underlying theories of aging.

· Oxidative stress

· Toxic accumulation

· Inflammation

· Immune dysregulation

Hour 2

Lifestyles impact on aging

· Skeletal muscle

· Brain aging

· Diet and aging

· Exercise and aging



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Monte Horne, DC

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