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08/15/2023 7 – 9 PM CT Neurology 360: Concussion – What’s New On This Complex Topic? (Webinar)

Course Date

Start: 15th August 2023 @ 19:00pm
End: 15th August 2023 @ 21:00pm

Course Location

Online, United States of America

Course Description

Topic: Neurology 360: Concussion – What’s New On This Complex Topic? (Webinar 7 – 9 PM CT)

Credit Hours: 2

Instructor: Michael Hall, DC, FIACN

Concussion is a unique physiological process of injury associated with rapid movement and forces acting upon the brain and nervous system. Understanding the current state of the literature and evidence relating to management is a must for nearly all health care practitioners. Whether you are involved in “return to play”, “return to learn”, whiplash related trauma, or everyday care of patients understanding this process is a must. There is widespread difficulty in understanding concussion and thus an increasing need for better education and awareness on the intricacies of this complicated neurological insult. This chiropractic course will equip you to manage this complex issue.


  1. Concussion
    1. What we know at the present time
    2. When is there a concussion?
  2. The Latest on Consensus Guidelines
    1. Updated Guidelines
    2. Diagnostic Tools and Instruments
    3. A Closer Look at Severity
  3. Management and Prognosis
    1. What does the evidence tell us
    2. Who’s on the team in concussion management
    3. Best Practices Applications

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review and analyze current definitions of concussion
  2. Evaluate assessment instruments on concussion
  3. Develop professional collaboration systems for practice


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Monte Horne, DC

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