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Current Research


Name of researcher Project ID Title Completion date Budget
Luc Ailliet A.09-1 The relative impact of the bio psychosocial factors as predictors of outcome in patients treated by chiropractors for neck and low back pain Fall 2015  €65,000
Lars Uhrenholt A.08-3 Morphology and age-related osteoarthritic changes in the cervical spine facets joints August 2011  €55,800
Iben Axen Irene Jensen A.08-4 Descriptive study on maintenance chiropractic care on persistent and recurrent LBP patients – Outline PhD project link April 2015  €63,700
Alan Breen A.10-1 The effects of manipulation on cervical spine inter-vertebral motion patterns and patient-reported outcomes March 2014  €90,428
Alexandra Webb A.10-5 Magnetic resonance imaging of the synovial folds of the lateral atlantoaxial joints following whiplash injury April 2015  €5,431
Cecilia Bergström A.13-04 Self-rated Health, experiences and quality of life in regard to chronic pelvic girdle pain 10 years after delivery Spring 2015  €3,136
Anne-Marie De Zoete
Sidney Rubinstein
A.14-03 Use of IPD meta-analysis to inform effective management of spinal manipulative therapy for patients with chronic low back pain October 2017  €23,712
Alan Breen A.12-01 The normal biomechanics of the lumbar spine – a quantitative fluoroscopy and electromyography March 2016  €52,725
Irene Jensen
Andreas Eklund Iben Axen
A.13-02 Recurrent and persistent low back pain – course and prevention April 2016  €74,080
Kim Humphreys
Taco Houweling
A.12-02 Evaluation of costs and outcomes in low back patients undergoing chiropractic and general practitioner care in Switzerland August 2017  €30,000
Claire Huth B.13-03 Muscle-Related Side Effects (MRSE) of Statins: Functional impact, Mechanisms, and Potential Reversibility with Vitamin D Supplementation Spring 2015  €5,078
Jean-Philippe Pialasse B.13-04 Evaluation of vestibular function in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Autumn 2016 €41,910