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Oslo Economics report on MSK and chiropractic

The English translation of the Oslo Economics report on MSK issues and the use of chiropractors in Norway is now available. The work was partly funded by the ECU to strengthen the evidence base about the importance of MSK health and the contribution that government support for preventive and non-invasive care can make to improving the quality of life for citizens.

The report document that Norwegian chiros treat 32% of all Norwegian neck and low back patients handled by the public health services, while GPs handle 51% and Physios 17% . (ref. Chapter 5.1.1:  “In 2018, 285,275 unique patients were in contact with a chiropractor due to back or neck conditions. These patients had a total of 1,648,625 contacts, which corresponds to each patient having on average of just under six contacts in 2018.”)

Low back and neck pain in Norway final