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New team takes over at Chirosuisse

The Swiss Association of Chiropractors has a new leadership team. At the General Meeting on 16 May, the previous president and CEO Priska Haueter stepped down and handed over to the recently elected president, chiropractor Thomas Thurnherr, and new managing director/CEO Sabine Schläppi.

Dr Thurnherr was elected last September. He wants to give the association a new strategic direction for the future. He firmly believes that around three times more chiropractors are needed so that chiropractic can take on its crucial role in Swiss health care.
ChiroSuisse engaged Sabine Schläppi as the new Managing Director/CEO as of the beginning of May. She is an acknowledged expert in Swiss health care and has many years of experience working with associations.

Priska Haueter stepped down at the General Meeting to warm words of thanks. She worked in chiropractic for 25 years before taking over as president in 2015 and becoming the first woman to hold this position.

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