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We are pleased to announce that a new module has just been added to GEN-C as part of our accelerated release programme for GEN-C. The module is titled Osteoporosis – An Overview of Chiropractic Assessment and Management authored by Stuart Smellie, Director of Academic Affairs for the Royal College of Chiropractors.

Osteoporosis is a global problem on a huge scale and is associated with disability and loss of independence. Fractures due to osteoporosis are a significant and growing public health concern, and chiropractors are well-placed to identify those at risk and support them to make the necessary lifestyle and other practical changes to help limit that risk, as well as making appropriate referrals.

This module provides an overview of the assessment and management of patients with osteoporosis, and those at risk of osteoporotic fracture. It uses the Royal College of Chiropractors’ Quality Standard on Osteoporosis to outline a chiropractic-specific approach to the risk assessment of patients, the appropriate use of investigations, and a guide to conservative management. Best practice is described throughout the patient journey, with an emphasis on evidence-based, patient-centred care

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