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Individual ECU Membership

You are welcome to join us as an individual member if there is no national association in your country with ECU membership. You can see a list of all national association members here.

ECU members benefit from and contribute to the development of their profession across Europe. The ECU promotes cooperation with the bigger national associations and simultaneously encourages solidarity with the smaller ones. Together we promote the health benefits of chiropractic care, high standards of education and continuing professional development, a strengthened evidence base for MSK health through research, and excellence in clinical conduct and practice in a regulated environment.

Individual ECU Membership is open to individual chiropractors who are graduates of CCEI-accredited chiropractic educational institutions and who work in a country which is not represented as a full ECU Member. The cost of Individual ECU Membership is €190 per year.

To apply, please fill out the details below or download and fill out a copy of the application form. Individual Membership Application Form.

You can find out more about the benefit of becoming an ECU member here.

For further information please contact

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