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CPD Seminars

Education Update:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 impacts, not all events advertised on the ECU website may be taking place. Delegates please contact the CPD event provider if you wish to cancel your attendance or to check if the CPD event is still taking place.

General Information

The Academic organiser of the EAC is responsible for the content of the ECU annual convention.  The planning of the convention is a rolling programme with details and speakers decided well in advance.

The ECU has a calendar of seminars that have been accredited with CPD points, they can be found by looking at Upcoming CPD seminars.  If you would like to a register an event please follow the following instructions to CPD Providers, a calendar of upcoming events can be found on the home page of the ECU website.  To find out how many CPD points to apply for, please look at the following EAC-CPD-Criteria-2018 (1)

Aim & Purpose

Seminars are run by different National Associations these are of clinical interest and of a hands-on nature, to be used for CE and GEP purposes.  If National Associations require assistance with how to set up a seminar the ECU are happy to facilitate with advice on speakers or other advice.

Decisions regarding CPD accreditation

The ECU is an umbrella organisation that has a public face. Healthcare professions lie within an environment where there is an expectation form both patients, other healthcare providers and patients to provide the best care possible. Given the complexity of decisions often inherent in caring for and managing patients’ problems, it might seem self-evident that as much relevant information is used that appropriately applies to clinical decisions that affect such care and management.

This information is wider ranging and includes clinical experience, patient views and preferences and where available, applicable and of appropriate quality, clinical evidence published in the peer reviewed scientific literature.
The CPD criteria used for recognition or otherwise of CPD events has as a guiding principle this approach to health care and there is an expectation that accredited events will fulfil in their content a broad but robust interpretation of these expectations.

Whilst acknowledging a wide range of approaches and event content that may be submitted for accreditation, seminars and events with a predomination of practice building or claims without scientific and/or some peer reviewed appropriately designed evidence are may not receive accreditation.

The detailed guideline criteria used to inform decisions can be found here  EAC-CPD-Criteria-2018

Online announcements, reservation and payment

Announcements with dates, locations and program contents, can be found on the ECU website.

CPD Certificates

Once an event has been awarded CPD points the organisers can produce a certificate for attendees (Sample CPD_Certificate of Attendance).  Organisers are required to maintain a list of those persons that have attended and the CPD points awarded.