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GEN-C is one year old!

The COVID pandemic provided extra lift to a flying start of the GEN-C online learning network. Production was increased to help out  the CPD gap due to the lockdown measures in many ECU countries.  So far 10 video courses (16 CPD hours) and 16 journal articles (16 CPD hours) have been made freely available for ECU members.

Close to 1,000 have enrolled on one of our courses with 2296 viewings in Europe alone.  We are committed to keep on providing high quality evidence based CPD modules. Names that are in the pipeline are modules provided by Jan Hartvigsen and Alice Kongsted. The online high quality seminar hosted by the Australian chiropractors will also generate many extra modules in our second year.

For first time access, please contact your local association. GEN-C is ready to welcome you in its second year!

GEN-C is jointly owned by the ECU, Royal College of Chiropractors and Chiropractic Australia.

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