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Lone Kousgaard Jørgensen elected new ECU Treasurer

Lone Kousgaard Jørgensen, who has been chair of the Board of the Danish Chiropractic Association since 2013, was elected unopposed as the new Treasurer of the ECU at the virtual General Council Meeting on 22 May. She takes over from Rishi Loatey, who leaves the role after three years.

Lone said at the meeting that it was an honour to take over from Rishi and she was looking forward to working with the General Council as part of the Executive Council (EC). Her seat on the ECU General Council has been taken by Michael Christensen.

ECU President Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos warmly welcomed Lone to the EC and presented Rishi Loatey with the ECU Service Award for his contribution to the ECU.

Tom Michielsen, who stood down as Chair of the EAC, also received the ECU Service Award for his work in developing the European Academy of Chiropractic.

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