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International research meeting

ECU President Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos and leaders of ECU member associations attended as observers at a stellar international meeting of chiropractic researchers over the weekend of 14-15 September.

In their own words, the researchers were meeting to develop evidence-based patient-centered policy recommendations to inform patients, the public and decision makers about the effectiveness of using spinal manipulation to prevent or treat non-musculoskeletal disorders.

They sought to answer three questions:

1: Is spinal manipulation/mobilization/ traction effective in preventing the development of
non-musculoskeletal disorders in healthy individuals?
2: Is spinal manipulation/ mobilization/l traction effective in improving disease-specific
health outcomes of non-musculoskeletal disorders?
3: Is spinal manipulation/ mobilization/ traction effective in maintaining overall health status
or lowering the incidence of negative health outcomes of non-musculoskeletal disorders?

The discussions are expected to inform a consensus document on the state of the evidential basis for chiropractic.

Participating European researchers included Iben Axen, Andreas Eklund, Olivier Gagey, Guillaume Concalves, Jan Hartvigsen, Henrik Hein Lauritzen, Lise Hestbaek, Cesar Hincapie, Charlotte Le-Boeuf Yde, Anne-Laure Meyer, Soeren O’Neill, David Newell, Erik Poulsen, Alister du Rose and Henrik Wullf Christensen.