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EPIC2019 – Your chance to participate personally in a crucial debate

Through the Looking Glass: How do we create a sustainable future for chiropractic?

This debate will take place during the opening morning of EPIC2019, the joint ECU/WFC Congress in Berlin, and you are invited to question the panel, who will each present their vision for the future of the profession. They are:

Alison DANTAS (Chair / Facilitator) – CEO, Canadian Chiropractic Association

Vasileios GKOLFINOPOULOS – President, European Chiropractors’ Union

Bobby MAYBEE – CEO, Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance

Catherine QUINN – President, British Chiropractic Association

Laurie TASSELL – President, World Federation of Chiropractic

Book your place at EPIC2019 today, so that you can be part of this ground-breaking event and have your say! Register your question in advance by sending it to before 20 February, 2019.

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