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On 7th February nearly 150 chiropractic students got together at the AECC campus  for 3 days to debate the “Past, Present and Progressive Future for Chiropractic”.

In a wide-ranging survey of the support given to the profession in Europe by the ECU on behalf of  clinicians in 23 countries, Rishi Loatey drew special attention to the ECU’s commitment to Education.  ECU membership dues have been used to provide financial support to the AECC (UK), BCC (Spain), IFEC (France), MCC (UK), RCU (Madrid)  and WIOC (UK).

Furthermore the ECU financially supports the European Council on Chiropractic Education (ECCE).  In countries where there is now statutory (government) regulation it is good to remember the pivotal role the ECCE played in ensuring high standards of chiropractic education that underpinned the path to regulation.  In countries where currently there is no statutory regulation the ECCE standard is seen as the standard to achieve.