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ECU team presents to members of the European Parliament

Leading ECU chiropractors had some hard hitting things to say when they presented to MEPs at a meeting in Brussels this week. Their message was that although musculoskeletal problems are the number one cause of disability in Europe, and low back pain disability alone is greater than lung, bowel and breast cancer disability combined, we are failing to deal with them effectively. But there is a better way.

“Conditions that kill get bigger headlines than conditions that cripple… let’s lay out the case for greater attention and a change in our approach to MSK health,” said the panel chairman, Miltiadis Kyrkos MEP.

A  group of experts led by ECU President Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos, did just that, presenting  irrefutable evidence that MSK problems are the most frequent cause of disability amongst European citizens and that we need a new approach from the old, wasteful, unnecessary and ineffective overuse of X-rays, CT and MRI scans, opioid prescription, spinal injections and surgery.

The ECU President concluded with a strong message to European Parliament members for political support for the profession.  “We have a vision of a high-quality life for the citizens of Europe which I believe all politicians can share, regardless of ideology, nationality or political beliefs.”

Press release – MEP presentation

View the presentations from the experts:

Opening remarks from Miltos Kyrkos MEP and Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos

Prof Jan Hartvigsen of the University of Southern Denmark

Dr Jakob Lothe of Norway

Dr Gitte Tonner of the Netherlands

Dr Iben Axen of The Karolinska Institute in Sweden

Dr Tom Michielsen of Belgium.

Closing remarks from Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos