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ECU supports Dutch chiropractors’ right to practice

The ECU President has today written to Dutch politicians reminding them of the importance during the current pandemic of enabling patients to receive the healthcare treatment they need and of keeping them out of hospitals, which are under so much pressure. He has expressed his disappointment, that while chiropractors across Europe have been allowed to continue providing their much needed services, this is not the case in the Netherlands. The ECU stands firm with its member, the Netherlands Chiropractic Association and believes that those who can and want to help provide health services during these difficult times should be able to do so.

Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos’ letter of 8 February 2021 in full:


The Coronavirus pandemic has created an extraordinary situation, unlike anything else in living memory.

After nearly a year of living with this virus, with ongoing lockdowns across Europe and healthcare systems under enormous pressure, we have learned from what has gone before which means we are in a stronger position to adapt and respond.

One very important lesson is that we know we need to keep people away from hospitals if at all possible, and particularly if they can be safely and effectively treated by other healthcare providers in different settings.

It is therefore hugely worrying to learn from our colleagues in the Nederlandse Chiropractoren Associatie that the government of the Netherlands continues to deny patients the right to choose and access the care they need. It is equally worrying that chiropractors are being denied the right to work at a time when their services are needed more than ever.

This position is in stark contrast to the position across Europe where the importance of utilizing all healthcare providers, including chiropractors, has been widely understood. Except in the Netherlands, across Europe chiropractors continue to practice, providing patients with the treatments they need for their physical and mental wellbeing in a safe environment, and at the same time helping reduce the burden on critical health services.

The European Chiropractors’ Union (ECU) would like to remind health planners, health authorities and indeed the public that Chiropractors are highly trained, skilful and ethical healthcare professionals who can and want to help and should be allowed to do so.

Science has risen to the occasion in the battle against this disease, and most importantly people have put their trust in science, evidence-based solutions and experts. Indeed, we will only succeed in this battle if we remain united in our faith in science and in our ability to assist one another in times of need.