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On 15 September, the BCA President  wrote to the ECU President “to give notice under Article 3 (h) of the ECU Constitution, on behalf of the BCA, to resign from the ECU.” The resignation letter included claims pertaining to “deficiencies in ECU governance arrangements” and ended with “Conditions for re-joining the ECU.”

The ECU replied on 16 September acknowledging the resignation with immediate effect and fully rejecting the claims made in the BCA letter, in a thorough and analytical fashion. Following the release of the BCA resignation letter on 17 September, the ECU has received numerous requests to publicly release its response. The ECU has a policy of not intervening in the internal matters of national associations. In the spirit of good governance and respect of this policy we would like to make clear that it is for the BCA Board to decide whether to share with its members the ECU letter. We note, however, that the BCA has not yet done so, despite the fact that a decision to release such communication would greatly enhance transparency around the issue.

The ECU is proud of its history and what it and its members continue to achieve by supporting and funding research, transfer of knowledge through jointly financing the journal Chiropractic and Manual Therapies and The Global Education Network for Chiropractic (GEN-C), assistance to the ECCE accredited chiropractic schools, and support for member associations in their dealings with national health authorities. We are also proud of the democratic, transparent, and collaborative fashion in which both our Executive and General Councils operate. We have always believed that together the profession can move mountains and that national isolationism serves only to weaken it.

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