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Last evening the ECU President, Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos issued the following statement following the decision by the BCA Board to resign from membership of the ECU:

“I am saddened to announce that the leadership of the British Chiropractic Association has decided that the BCA should resign from membership of the ECU and thereby deny its members the camaraderie and professional support of their fellow chiropractors in Europe. Their decision comes less than a week after the ECU voted, in a spirit of great solidarity, a large gesture of support for BCA members because of the effects of Covid-19 by waiving BCA autumn fees. Just 4 months earlier the ECU waived the spring half yearly dues for all its member associations.
It is of course for the BCA membership to decide whether to support the decision of its Board. Their European colleagues in the ECU community highly value them and will always welcome British chiropractors, whether through an appropriate membership body or as individual ECU members. Presidents of other European associations have described the decision as tragic, not adding up, and isolationist.”