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Current Research

The ECU invests around 25% of its income in evidenced-based research though its research arm, the European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence

Ongoing research projects
Name of researcher Project ID Title Completion date Budget
Maurits W. Van Tulder 01-2016-NL/MvT Back Complaints in Elders (BACE): A prospective, longitudinal analysis of older people with low-back pain in chiropractic care May 2022 EUR 169,979
Cecilie Krage Øverås 11-2016-DK/CKØ Pain in the spine and elsewhere – patterns and consequences 26 December 2021 EUR 48,000
Andreas Eklund 25-2018-SE/AE Development of a clinical stratification instrument to improve cost-effectiveness of Chiropractic Maintenance Care 1 April 2021 EUR 172,516
Sidney Rubinstein 28-2019-NL/SR Spinal manipulative therapy for acute low-back pain: systematic review and meta-analysis February 2022 EUR 20,155
Sarah Thurøe Jensen 29-2019-DK/STJ Growing pains in Danish children: A quantitative and qualitative description 25 June 2023 EUR 107,950
Petra Schweinhardt 30-2019-CH/PS Phenotyping low back pain – a prospective observational pilot study 1 July 2021 EUR 56,934
Jan Hartvigsen 33-2019-DK/JH CARL the Second 1 January 2024 EUR 51,650
Damian Bailey 36-2019-GB/DB Relationship between physical activity, low back pain and cognitive impairment. A cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of data from the Danish Twins Registry 31 March 2021 EUR 18,805
Cecilia Bergström 42-2020-SE/CB Chiropractors’ experiences and views in the management of patients 55 years or older with musculoskeletal complaints. 30 June 2024 EUR 20,000
Cesar Hincapie 46-2021-CH/CH Spinal manual therapy versus nerve root injection for lumbar radiculopathy: vanguard phase of the SALuBRITY randomised clinical trial 31 August 2024 EUR 45,000
Janni MIkkonen 48-2021-FIN/JM Clinical effectiveness of movement control exercises with and without specific breathing techniques for the treatment of chronic low back pain: An open-label pilot trial with 2- and 6-month follow-ups. 1 May 2024 EUR 36,000
Completed research projects
Name of researcher Project ID Title Completion date Budget
Andreas Eklund 03-2016-SE/AE Chiropractic Maintenance care – cost-utility, psychological factors and pain trajectories 31 October 2018 EUR 65,500
Jan Hartvigsen 06-2016-DK/JH International Chiropractic Research Leadership and Capacity Building Program (CARL) 31 December 2020 EUR 24,000
Richard Nicol 19-2017-NO/EA Development of an ICF-based assessment schedule for manual medicine Summer 2020 EUR 55,479
Lise Vilstrup Holm



The effect of chiropractic treatment on infantile colic: A randomised controlled single-blind study June 2020 EUR 43,638
Francesca Wuytack



Development of a core outcome set for Pelvic Girdle Pain; A systematic review, qualitative interviews and Delphi consensus study 31 August 2020 EUR 65,303