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Current Research

The ECU invests around 25% of its income in evidenced-based research though its research arm, the European Centre for Chiropractic Research Excellence

Ongoing research projects
Name of researcher Project ID Title Completion date Budget
Maurits W. Van Tulder 01-2016-NL/MvT Back Complaints in Elders (BACE): A prospective, longitudinal analysis of older people with low-back pain in chiropractic care May 2022 EUR 169,979.00
Jan Hartvigsen 06-2016-DK/JH International Chiropractic Research Leadership and Capacity Building Program (CARL)

31 December 2020


EUR 24,000.00
Cecilie Krage Øverås 11-2016-DK/CKØ Pain in the spine and elsewhere – patterns and consequences

26 December 2021


EUR 48,000.00
Richard Nicol 19-2017-NO/EA Development of an ICF-based assessment schedule for manual medicine Summer 2020 EUR 55,479.00
Lise Vilstrup Holm



The effect of chiropractic treatment on infantile colic: A randomised controlled single-blind study June 2020 EUR 43,638.00
Francesca Wuytack



Development of a core outcome set for Pelvic Girdle Pain; A systematic review, qualitative interviews and Delphi consensus study 31 August 2020 EUR 65,303.00
Andreas Eklund 25-2018-SE/AE Development of a clinical stratification instrument to improve cost-effectiveness of Chiropractic Maintenance Care 1 April 2021 EUR 172,516.00
Sidney Rubinstein 28-2019-NL/SR Spinal manipulative therapy for acute low-back pain: systematic review and meta-analysis September 2021 EUR 20,155.00
Sarah Thurøe Jensen 29-2019-DK/STJ Growing pains in Danish children: A quantitative and qualitative description 31 January 2023 EUR 107,950.00
Petra Schweinhardt 30-2019-CH/PS Phenotyping low back pain – a prospective observational pilot study 1 July 2021 EUR 56,934.00
Jan Hartvigsen 33-2019-DK/JH CARL the Second 1 august 2023 EUR 51,650.00
Damian Bailey 36-2019-GB/DB Relationship between physical activity, low back pain and cognitive impairment. A cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of data from the Danish Twins Registry 31 March 2021 EUR 18,805.00
Completed research projects
Name of researcher Project ID Title Completion date Budget
Andreas Eklund 03-2016-SE/AE Chiropractic Maintenance care – cost-utility, psychological factors and pain trajectories 31 October 2018 EUR 65,500.00


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