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The Coronavirus pandemic has created an extraordinary situation, unlike anything else in living memory.

Science has risen to the occasion and, most importantly, people have put their trust in science, evidence-based solutions and experts. Appropriate, and effective safety protocols were swiftly implemented, minimizing the spread of the disease. Treatments have been developed and specialized hospital care has given the unfortunate ones hit hard by the virus the opportunity of recovery.

We have also learned from what has gone before, and as we enter the second wave, with new lockdowns across Europe, we are in a stronger position to adapt and respond.

We know that we need to keep people away from hospitals if they can be safely and effectively treated by other healthcare providers in different settings. Chiropractors across Europe have played their part in providing much needed care and at the same time helping reduce the burden on critical health services. They remain ready and willing to continue to play their part.

Healthcare systems have been put under huge pressure and we can be sure that demand for their vital services will grow over the winter. It is of course for national health authorities to decide what measures to implement. But the European Chiropractors’ Union (ECU) would nevertheless like to remind health planners, health authorities and indeed the public that Chiropractors are highly trained, skillful and ethical healthcare professionals who can and want to help. We trust that they will be allowed to do so.

The ECU, once more, urges colleagues around Europe to stay calm, alert and comply with the directions of their national governments. We also urge all national chiropractic associations to be proactive in communicating with their own health authorities to offer practical help. We will only succeed in this battle if we remain united in our faith in science and our ability to assist one another in times of need.



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