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Researchers Day

Researchers’ Day 2017 – Wednesday, 24th May 2017 – Grand Resort Hotel, Limassol (Lemesos), Cyprus

To register for the Researchers Day go to the Convention and Researchers’ Day

Theme: Qualitative research – can we use it in chiropractic projects?


In the morning of Researchers’ Day, we will hear presentations from a researchers, clinicians and teachers with experience in participating in qualitative research. They will share their experiences and hopefully inspire to new types of projects within chiropractic. Following the presentations, together we will explore and discuss potential avenues of qualitative research.

Key note speakers:

To be announced: Design of Qualitative Research 1-0-1 – An overview for beginners.

Corrie Myburgh (SDU, DK): Qualitative research review guidelines (RATS) and how qualitative research may inform policies and practice.

Michelle Maiers (NHSU, USA): The current political climate for qualitative research – how are qualitative research applications received, evaluated and funded?

Joachim Tansemb Andersen (private practice, N): How to get involved in qualitative research – a new researcher’s perspective

Mette Jensen Stochkendahl (SDU, DK): Work disability prevention in chiropractic practice – a mixed methods example

After lunch, there will be an open sessions where we discuss new ideas and projects. Attendees are invited to give 15 minutes presentation about new and innovative ideas or projects. We encourage researchers to share and discuss their ideas and present what they are currently working on. The project can be at any design stage or in any phase except from complete (final results should be presented at the main conference).