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Pre-Convention Seminars

Introduction into Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization:DNS
ECU Pre-Convention Seminar Wednesday 24th May 2017, Limassol, Cyprus
Approved for 6 CPD points
Inger Fjord Villadsen DC., M.Sc.(Clin Epi) Postgrad. Dip. NMS Rehab

DNS is a contemporary and rapidly expanding approach that is being embraced by clinicians, coaches and sports trainers internationally. DNS utilises the principles of developmental kinesiology in training programs to optimise global motor patterns thereby enhancing human movement and performance.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Introduction of the basic principles of developmental kinesiology.
  • Describe the relationship between development during the first year of life, posture and breathing function
  • Discuss dysfunction of the locomotor system in adulthood.
  • Evaluate and correct poor respiratory patterns.
  • Assess the integrated stabilizing system of the spine.
  • Introduce corrective exercises based on the DNS functional tests.

The goal is to stimulate your clinical rationale when dealing with chronic MSK cases, sports performance enhancement and provide food for thought for better chiropractic management.

Dizziness : Neurological Gems For Clinical Practice
ECU Pre-Convention Seminar Wednesday 24th May 2017 Limassol Cyprus
Approved for 6 CPD points

Carlo Rinaudo BMedSci(Hons), MChiro, ICSSD, DACNB, PhD(c)

Dizziness affects 5-10% of the general population, climbing to over 40% in the over 40’s. Yet, for many people suffering from dizziness, vertigo and poor balance, help in overcoming these often debilitating symptoms, falls short. The majority of causes to these conditions are peripheral vestibular disorders (BPPV, neuritis) or central vestibular disorders (Meniere’s, vestibular migraine, sensory mismatch etc), rather than spinal in origin. Unfortunately, apart from basic management and spinal manipulative therapies, Chiropractors are historically not considered the first choice in caring for these patients. Chiropractors, with appropriate training and knowledge in the vestibular system, can have a significant impact in helping many people overcome dizziness and poor balance.

This one-day workshop is aimed at improving the clinical competency of Chiropractors and outcomes of patients in the area of vestibular assessment, diagnosis and management. An evidence-based and contemporary review of the literature is shared, presented by a frequent lecturer on the topic and current PhD candidate in vestibular rehabilitation. Topics include

  • Vestibular Physiology – we provide the neuroanatomical and neurophysiological foundation of the vestibular system and link it to the spine, showing the relevance to Chiropractic
  • History – we go through a series of questions to provide you the practitioner an accurate list of differential diagnoses
  • Dizziness Conditions – we highlight the distinguishing features of the most common vestibular conditions to present to a Chiropractic office.
  • BPPV – how to accurately diagnosis and managed the most common condition and all its variations
  • Vestibular Assessment – we learn to to observe and assess oculomotor and balance function as windows to vestibular integration
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy – we learn to apply and integrate the examination findings and devise and appropriate novel, engaging and progressive protocol that is specifically to each patient

Carlo Rinaudo BMedSci(Hons), MChiro, ICSSD, DACNB, PhD(c)
Dr Carlo Rinaudo is a registered Chiropractor with post-graduate training in Functional Neuro-Rehabilitation (Functional Neurology). Dr Rinaudo is the clinic director of a multidisciplined clinic, focused on helping people with dizziness and balance related conditions. He is currently undertaking a PhD in Vestibular (balance) Therapy at University of New South Wales and Neuroscience Research Australia (, working alongside leading researchers and Neurologist in the field.

His training in Australia and overseas has led him to become a sought after practitioner when it comes to helping people suffering from concussions, whiplash, mild and acquired brain injuries, balance and vertigo disorders. He is a sought after lecturer and speaker at national and local events on these topics, as well as a previous sessional lecturer and tutor with Macquarie University. Carlo graduated from Sydney University with Honours in Medical Science prior to undertaking Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University.