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CARL Fellows’ research papers 2019

The latest CARL newsletter has been issued – CARL Issue 5_May2019_Final

Seven research papers have so far been published by CARL Fellows in 2019:

1. Eklund A, De Carvalho D, Page A, Wong AYL, Jo-hansson MS, Pohlman K, Hartvigsen J, Swain M. Expectations influence treatment outcomes in patients with low back pain. A secondary analy-sis of data from a ran-domized clinical trial. Eu-ropean Journal of pain 2019.

2. Fernandez M, Moore C, Peng W, de Luca K, Pohl-man KA; Swain M, Ad-ams J. The profile of chi-ropractors managing pa-tients with low back-related leg pain: Analyses of 1,907 chiropractors from the ACORN practice-based research network. Chiropractic & Manual Therapies 2019 (Accepted).
3. Moore C, de Luca K, Wong AYL, Fernandez M, Swain M, Hartvigsen J, Adams J, Peng W. (2019) Characteristics of chiro-practors who manage people aged 65 and old-er: A nationally repre-sentative sample of 1903 chiropractors. Australa-sian Journal on Ageing 2019 (Accepted)
4. Kawchuk GN, Pagé I, de Carvalho D, Swain M, Miazga S, Funbashi M, Wong AYL. Do physiological limits of human palpation prevent clinicians from appreciating differences in spinal stiffness? Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 2019 [Accepted]
5. Wong AYL, Eric C. Parent, Sukhvinder S. Dhillon, Narasimha Prasad, Dino Samartzis, Gregory N. Kawchuk. Differential patient responses to spi-nal manipulative therapy and their relation to spi-nal degeneration and post-treatment changes in disc diffusion. Europe-an Spine Journal 2019 [accepted].
6. de Luca, K, Eklund, A, Fernandez, M, Wong, AYL, Hartvigsen J. Multi-site joint pain in older Australian women. Chiro-practic & manual thera-pies. 2018 Dec;27(1):8.
7. Pagé I, Swain M, Wong A, Breen A, De Carvalho D, Descarreaux M, Funabashi M, Kawchuk G. (2018) Correlations between individuals’ characteristics and spinal stiffness: a combined analysis of multiple da-tasets. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 41(9): 734-752.