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BOOKNG NOW OPEN: What is Photo-biomodulation?

On 28 May Robert Sullivan will present on ‘A Light Journey through Photo-biomodulation’ sponsored by Erchonia.  It will cover the following:

Are you totally confused?

What is Photo-biomodulation?

What actually is a Non-Thermal Low-Level Laser?

What is a Low-Level Laser?

What is a Thermal Laser?

What is a Light Emitting Diode? and to add to the confusion, what is a True Laser?

Join me Robert Sullivan, Clinical Consultant on a journey of exploration of this potential minefield. This presentation supported in evidence takes an open look at the subject of Photo-biomodulation and the pros and cons of the devices that are out there.

At the end of this presentation you will know:-

What a true laser is.
The difference between lasers and LEDs.
Why less is better than more.
How to make a decision on the correct laser for your clinical practice.
If you have a laser or a light.

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