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Berlin: call for abstracts

15th WFC Biennial Congress
78th ECU Convention
Maritim Hotel, Berlin, Germany
20-23 March 2019



Abstract submission types: Platform, poster, workshop (350 words)
Abstract topics: Basic science, Clinical science, Education science, Public Health science, Other
Abstract submissions open: Now
Abstract submissions close: 1 October 2018
Authors to be notified of acceptance by 15 November 2018
Abstract submission website:


To submit an abstract to Berlin 2019, the corresponding author must agree to the following on behalf of all authors:

  • Ethics for this work was obtained or ethics are not applicable.
  • All authors listed on the abstract agree to its submission.
  • All authors listed on the abstract consent to publishing the abstract in electronic conference proceedings to be available publicly on the internet.
  • The presenter of the abstract must be an author who must also register for the conference.
  • An author can be listed on any number of accepted abstracts, but any author is limited to presenting two abstracts (any combination of platform and poster).
  • Non-academic entities (industry) cannot submit abstracts nor can abstracts be ghost-written by others.
  • That the content of the abstract is not previously published (but can be published after submission).
  • The decision of the abstract selection committee is final.
  • Copyright of accepted abstracts is assigned to the WFC.
  • For platform/poster submissions, the suggested headings of the abstract include: Introduction, Objective, Methods, Results, Discussion.
  • For workshop submissions, the abstract should include a brief description of the proposed workshop, a list of skill-based learning objectives, an outline of the presentation, a description of the presentation team and the estimated course duration (1.5 hours suggested).

Prizes and awards to be published soon.


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