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Belgian Chiropractors’ Union seizes the initiative

Every year ECU member, the Belgian Chiropractors’ Union (BCU), organises a ‘Week of the Back’ during the week of World Spine Day. This years’ theme was Low Back Pain: the facts! The BCU launched a press release and provided its members with a state-of-the-art PowerPoint presentation including a script and encouraged them to organise a lecture for patients during the week of the back. The presentation is 100% evidence-based and mainly based on The Lancet series on low back pain, published in March 2018.

This series is truly a game-changer, evidence-based chiropractic care fits in perfectly here. What evidence-based chiropractors do in daily practice for patients with low back pain (and neck pain) is what needs to be done and these days it’s backed up with strong evidence: how cool is that?

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