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The BCA website tackles the most likely questions to be in the minds of patients during the current stages of the pandemic:

Are chiropractors open?
What measures have chiropractors put in place to keep patients safe?
Is seeing a chiropractor riskier than seeing a hairdresser?
How are chiropractors monitored during COVID-19?
Does chiropractic treatment boost your immunity?
Am I still able to study to become a chiropractor?
What PPE should I expect my chiropractor to be wearing?
Do I need to wear a mask or other PPE to my appointment?
Why has my treatment cost increased?
My chiropractor is open, so why can’t I get an appointment?
What if I am clinically or extremely clinically vulnerable (shielding) patient, can I get an appointment?
Are chiropractors allowed to do home visits?

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