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Academic programme Utrecht 2022

Thursday May 26

17.00-20.00  Pre-registration

19.00-20.00  Welcome reception and pre-registration


Friday May 27

07.30-17.00 Registration desk open
08.30-10.00 ECU President’s welcome NCA/DBRIC President’s welcome Rosanne Warmerdam:

Live long and prosper!

10.00-10.30 Break Exhibition Posters
10.30-12.00 All about the Lancet

Maurits van Tulder

The Lancet Series; process, perception and impact

Alice Kongsted

Chiropractors taking action on Lancet messages

Wilco Peul

The Lancet Series. A spinal surgeon’s perspective

Chair: Igor Dijkers
12.00-13.30 Lunch Exhibition Posters
13.30-15.00 Inger Roug:

MRI Gems

Research Presentations (8)

Chair: Luc Ailliet

Overview of oral presentations

SIG Neurology

Jake Cooke:

Assessing and treating cervicogenic dizziness


Kindly sponsored by Erchonia

Rob Silverman:

The latest advancements in musculoskeletal treatment therapies – focus on the shoulder

15.00-15.30 Break Exhibition Posters
15.30-17.00 Lesley Haig:

Motivational Interviewing – effective communication!


Research presentations (8)

Chair: Luc Ailliet

Overview of oral presentations

Kindly sponsored by Erchonia

Rob Silverman:

Chiropractic strategies and protocols for long-haulers’ syndrome and immune support


Kindly supported by FICS

Stephen Perle:

Drop Piece Lower Extremity Manipulation – Safer, Easier, Quicker for the Chiropractor

19.00-23.00 Dutch evening – Winkel van Sinkel

Saturday May 28

08.00-17.30 Registration desk open
09.00-10.30 Peeking Over The Fence Session

Raymond Ostelo:

State of the art 2022: Spinal rehab in primary care

Michiel Reneman:

Nociplastic pain mechanisms and nocebo

Dave Newell:

When words matter: Placebo and contextual factors

Chair: Luc Ailliet
10.30-11.00 Break Exhibition Posters
11.00-12.30 SIG Clinical:

David Byfield, Stuart Smellie & Jonathan Field

Axial Spondyloarthritis – Reviewing an underdiagnosed MSK condition

Iben Axén:

How to write a case study/series

Jan Hoeve:

Vestibular dysfunction in babies

Russ Hornstein:

Cervical manipulation 2.0

12.30-14.00 Lunch Exhibition Posters
14.00-15.30 Simon Billings:

Vitamin D in chiropractic practice

Postponed to 12:00 Sunday 29 May

Trynke Hoekstra:

Interpreting the research behind our conclusions

SIG Paediatrics:

Lise Hestbaek, Amy Miller & Aurelie Marchand

The Role of Physical Activity, Exercise, Sedentary Behaviour and Overtraining on Growth, Development and Spinal Fain in Children

Kindly sponsored by Williams Healthcare

Robert Jackson:

Thompson technique – the neurological and structural impact of sacral subluxations and biomechanical misalignments.

15.30-16.00 Break Exhibition Posters
16.00-17.30 After The Global Summit – Debate Pierre Côté

Stuart Smellie

Christine Goertz

Moderator: Sven Lanser Chair: Gitte Tønner

Sunday May 29

08.30-13.30 Registration desk open
09.30-10.00 Keynote Address (see right) Greg Kawchuk:

Academies, The Metaverse and Social Media – building new and needed communities in chiropractic

Chair: Lone Kousgaard Jørgensen
10.00-11.30 Panel Discussion:

Chiropractic and Public Health

Panellists: Pierre Côté, Richard Brown, Jan Geert Wagenaar, Arno Rutte

Chair: Gitte Tønner

Various awards Closing speech by the ECU President

Appropriate, Accessible, Affordable care – vision

11.30-12.00 Break Exhibition Posters
12.00-13.30 Simon Billings:

Vitamin D in chiropractic practice

Ask Away!:

Sidney Rubinstein

Annemarie de Zoete

Lobke de la Ruelle

Susanne Lynge:

The large Danish headache project

Russ Hornstein:

Lumbar manipulation 2.0

For details of sessions, please do take a look at our Speakers page


Convention: 15 CPD hours for full programme attendance