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Executive Council

The Executive Council is responsible for determining policy, identifying strategic direction and monitoring the performance of the ECU. It is also responsible for financial governance.

The Council comprises the President, Vice-President and Treasurer. They are elected for three-year terms of office, which may be extended according to the Constitution. The Executive Council appoints a Secretary-General, who is an ex-officio member of the Executive Council.

The Executive Council meets at least four times a year: twice just before meetings of the General Council, and also in February and September, and as required. During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic it met by teleconference more than 30 times.

For 2020, the Executive Council is:

President Vasileios Gkolfinopoulos
Vice-President  Jan Geert Wagenaar
Treasurer  Rishi Loatey
Secretary General (ex-Oficio) Ian Beesley

For further information please contact the head office: