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What We Do

The ECU represents the national associations of 23 European nations, promoting the health benefits of chiropractic, high standards of education and excellence in conduct and practice. The ECU also represents the interests of the profession at a European level, advocating the inclusion of chiropractic within health policies and health programmes.

Serving as a supranational organisation in Europe, the ECU brings together chiropractors from across the continent. This allows for collaborative working and a shared identity.

The ECU has six strategic objectives:

  • To assist in the development of the chiropractic profession in all European nations;
  • To facilitate the expansion of chiropractic education in Europe’
  • To strengthen the identity of the profession as evidence-based primary spine care specialists;
  • To mobilise patients as advocates for the profession by establishing patient associations in all ECU member countries;
  • To ensure that chiropractic is represented politically and has a voice within the EU.
  • To achieve effective and sustainable leadership succession within the European chiropractic profession by promoting key skills, equality and diversity.