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What We Do

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The ECU mission is to enable the chiropractic profession to thrive in Europe. It represents national chiropractic associations supra-nationally, promoting the health benefits of chiropractic care, high standards of education and continuing professional development, a strengthened evidence base for MSK health through research, and excellence in clinical conduct and practice in a regulated environment. Through advocacy it seeks the inclusion of chiropractic within health policies and programmes.

As the only supra-national chiropractic organisation wholly devoted to Europe, the ECU brings together chiropractors from across the continent to share knowledge and experience in the pursuit of continuous improvement. This stimulates collaborative working and a shared sense of identity.

The Union works in partnership with member national associations:

  • Promoting the value of chiropractic care by raising the profile of good musculoskeletal health and effective co-operation with other healthcare professions
  • Striving to achieve a regulated profession in all European countries
  • Encouraging policies to enhance patient experience
  • Investing in scientific research on MSK related issues and securing knowledge transfer to clinicians
  • Helping grow the availability and take-up of university places in chiropractic education
  • Advocating the importance of monitored continuing professional development
  • Developing the future leaders of the profession.