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A new chiropractic course based in Teesside University starting 2019

Teesside University and the Society for Promoting Chiropractic Education (SPCE) have announced a new chiropractic course. Subject to regulatory clearances, the course will begin in Autumn 2019.

This is a major development as it is the first chiropractic course in the North East of England and will continue to enhance and increase the opportunities for the profession.

Teesside University is ranked 85 out of 131 universities in the UK, it has world-class training and research facilities for musculoskeletal (MSK) healthcare, especially in physiotherapy and sports science.  The course will be an integral part of the School of Health & Social Care and stands to benefit greatly from inter-professional learning.

Marion Grieves, Dean of the School of Health & Social Care, said: “MSK healthcare is a significant and increasing demand on the health system and the economy. We believe that tackling this issue with the aid of highly trained professionals will be a major priority for the country in the coming years and we are proud to be part of this development.”

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